CDSF awards scholarships to high school students.

The scholarships are awarded to students who submit an essay on a subject, identified by the foundation, that is deemed critical to the development of better career assessment technology.

Last year’s essay subject was: How can digital assessment software help in career selection? A panel of 4 national judges awarded 25 scholarships to students in 20 states. More than 100 high schools representing 80,000 students registered for the award competition.

CDSF was founded on several principles:

  • People struggle with career selection most of their lives. The most common theme expressed in interviews with thousands of people is that even after several jobs, they still do not know what they wish to do.

  • The happiest and the most satisfied people are people that are in a career they love, are passionate about it and believe it is a meaningful activity.

  • Technology has created the struggle to select a career a problem. Because technology has changed the nature and the type of skills required, technology must be part of the solution.

  • There are more than 51,000 different jobs available today and according to some research 40% of these jobs will not exist in 10 years. These jobs will be replaced by jobs not even identified today.

  • The concept of college is changing and college is not for everyone.

Our first $1,000 winner is displayed on the left with her counselor from Sykesville, Maryland. The foundation awards tuition assisted scholarships and research grants that foster the development of technology that enhances the use of digital tools, such as personality, interest, attitude and opinion assessment tools, to help people in their career development from their high school years through their early working years.

Robert Sherwood, Executive Director