Robert Sherwood

Mr. Sherwood is President of Identimap, Inc. and the executive director of CDSF. He is a semi-retired Silicon Valley technology executive. He has authored 14 books, hosted his own radio program, taught at KU, MU and Stanford graduate schools of business, earned MBA and MS degrees, received an honorary Doctorate, founded 2 Silicon Valley technology companies and directed businesses in South Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. He was president of a venture capital firm capitalized by Ewing Kaufmann, owner of the Kansas City Royals. Mr. Sherwood was a senior board member to 30 companies, was profiled in Fortune and Business Week, was a winner of the 1995 Entrepreneur of the Year award and has presented seminars on Leadership and Technology to more than 3000 executives. He has been engaged as an expert witness by Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and other prominent companies on Internet-related litigation.

Kelley Judd

Kelley Judd has more than 40 years of sales, management and customer service experience. He has worked as a money market and international finance broker, venture capital consultant and financial consultant in companies ranging from Prebon Money Brokers in Los Angeles to Smith Barney in Beverly Hills. He later served as VP/Director of Sales for Southwest Networks in Palm Springs, CA. His responsibilities included marketing, promotion, sales and customer service. Judd attended the University of Kansas.